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Dr. Lance Wallnau

7 Mountains of Influence

Dr. Lance Wallnau

Personal and Organizational Transformation and Development

Dr. Lance Wallnau, founded the Lance Learning Group, a strategic teaching and consulting company, merging his thirty-year background in consulting with business and the non-profit sector. He teaches on: 7 Mountains to Cultural Transformation, Breaking Controlling Spirits, 8 Keys to Discovering & Mastering Your Niche Market, Sheep Nations Rising, and The Ultimate Life Strategy. He inspires visions of tomorrow with the clarity of today—connecting ideas to action. His students represent a tapestry spanning nations and spheres: from politicians, to CEO’s, entertainers and entrepreneurs.

Dr. Wallnau is one of only three evangelical leaders to have accurately predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency while running against 15 opponents. Dr. Wallnau’s Best Selling book, “Gods Chaos Candidate” explains the global shift and how God is working in new and unprecedented ways among the nations. He has shared platforms with best-selling authors Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell, and lectured at universities from Harvard and M.I.T. to the London School of Theology.

Class Description and Objectives

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