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University Accreditation Association

Accreditation for non-public schools, colleges, universities, and training facilities

University Accreditation Association

University Accreditation Association Purpose:

The University Accreditation Association was chartered to accredit non-public primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, and training facilities that adhere to Biblical principles and the Christian faith. We accredit degree granting and non-degree granting institutions and provide for the assessment and certification of teachers and curriculum. We endeavor to improve coordination and formation between secondary and post-secondary educational institutions, along with the establishment of Biblical truths between all levels.

Institutions, curriculum and instructors are evaluated to assure the highest standards for education quality has been established. Assessment standards are determined through collaboration with associate members, education professionals and information technology specialists. What is taught is what is believed; therefore, curriculum is the critical ingredient of education and teaching must be recognized first and foremost as a gift. "We are admonished to be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God" Romans 12:2

The University Accreditation Association is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization established for the purpose of validating institutions, colleges and universities that demonstrate the highest caliber of educational excellence, discipleship and innovation. The Accreditation Association is formed through the voluntary collaboration of educational institutions for the purpose of assuring quality, consistency and intrinsic value of its instruction and student preparedness.

Accreditation is awarded after reviewing educational institutions and their programs for quality, the biblical truth of their curriculum and the gifting and qualifications of their teachers and faculty. Accredited schools are resolute in their commitment to education and maturing of their students while maintaining a robust adherence to the Christian faith as set forth in the Association's Statement of Faith. Association members become a Christian community with shared beliefs, referred to biblically as the Ecclesia or assembly of believers. This collegiality with world class independent teaching institutions provides an ever expending network and cooperative interaction with likeminded Christian Colleagues.

Specialized accreditation can be awarded for specific degree programs leading to certification or licensure. The review process can be uniquely designed for programs intended for a special use or purposes for students specifically engaged in a focused study for a particular vocation, spiritual calling or business. The program must demonstrate pertinent content, qualified faculty and adequate resources to meet accreditation standards and the certification or licensure must demonstrate corroborative evidence to support student’s preparedness for advancement in their specialized field of study.

Teachers and instructors are certified based on their spiritual gifts, history of performance and mastery of the curriculum. Degree programs should be designed to focus on performance and proficiency and to equip the students with the appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve specific goals, ministry objectives and to fulfill the potential of their divine calling.

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University Accreditation Association