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Degree Programs and Distinctions

We offer Ministry degrees at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels

Degree programs designed for Christian Ministry

The particular degree title and distinction awarded to the degree candidate will reflect the learning and proficiencies of the candidate in a specific concentrated area of study. Any degree title or distinction must clearly indicate that it is a Christian Ministry or Theology Degree and must not be confused with a liberal arts education. All degree programs are designed to improve the skills and success of those committed to Christian ministry.

At Primus University of Theology, we offer Ministry degrees at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels, in a broad range of Christian focuses. All programs have been designed to prepare and equip graduates to transform culture, attitudes, beliefs and customs through the message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Listed below are a few degree distinctions that have been awarded. However, your degree distinction could be unique to your gifts, callings and experience.

  • Marketplace Ministry
  • Nouthetic Counseling [Christian Counseling]
  • Administration
  • Global Missions
  • Freedom From Oppression and PTSD
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Oppression Healing and Deliverance
  • Music, Arts, Entertainment
  • Divinity [M.Div.]
  • Teaching and Curriculum Development
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Theology [Th.D.]
  • Ministry Management
  • Prophecy and Revelation
  • Pastoral Care
  • Prayer and Intercession
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Business Theology
  • Holistic Health and Restoration
  • Bible Studies
  • Religious and World History
  • Humanities and Social Science

College Credit for Experiential Learning

World Class Teaching Ministry Partners

The University is formed through Alliances with world class independent teaching ministries. This collegiality provides our students and graduates with an ever-expending network, and cooperative interaction with likeminded Kingdom Leaders. Our Graduates become our Adjunct Professors. Their books and materials become our curriculum; this allows our students to learn from experts in their field of study, and the authors of the books and materials they will be teaching.

Alumnus Professors Ministry Teaching
Attorney Sherra Kissee Ecclesiastical Law Ecclesiastical Law and Faith
Dr. Ted Baehr MOVIEGUIDE, Faith and Values Arts, Entertainment and Media
Minister Luke Barnett Dream City Church Phoenix Church Growth and Leadership
Dr. Darrel Billups National Coalition of Ministries to Men Ministries to Men
Dr. Wellington Boone Wellington Boone Ministries Personal Relationship with Christ
Rt. Lt. Gen. Dr. Jerry Boykin Family Research Council Leadership and History
Dr. John Harold Binkley, Jr. Generational Equity Entrepreneurship & Ministry to Men
Dr. Scott Bitcon Inner Healing and Deliverance Freedom from Oppression and PTSD
Dr. Randy Clark Global Awakening Ministries Healing and Impartation
Dr. Ed Cole and Dr. Paul Cole Christian Men’s Network Ministry to Men
Dr. Roy Comstock/Barry Lynch Christian Mentor’s Network Mentoring Men and Women
Dr. Terry Crist City of Grace Arizona Ministry Growth and Development
Dr. Ed Delph Church@Community Church Leadership Development
Dr. Randy Bixby The Cultural Architect Coaching Approach to Life and Ministry
Dr. David Hairabedian Market Place Ministry Missions, Healing and Impartation
Dr. Ron and Dr. Rod Hembree Quick Study Bible Discovery TV Bible Study
Dr. Don Henning Making of a Chaplain Chaplaincy Training
Dr. Leif Hetland Global Mission Awareness Transforming Nations
Dr. Steve Isaac Reunion Church Hermeneutics/Biblical Interpretation
Dr. T. D. Jakes The Potter’s House Purpose and Destiny
Dr. Rick Joyner Morning Star Ministries Business and Leadership
Dr. T. L. Osborn Osborn Ministries International Miracles, Signs and Wonders
Dr Robert Winters Preparing the Way International Prophets & Prophetic Ministry
Dr. Jorge and Dr. Anna Parrott Morning Star Missions Oversees Missions
Dr. Dean Radtke The Ministry Institute Ministry Leadership
Dr. Milton Weber Christian Ministry Education Apologetics/World Religions
Drs. Larry and Dr. Carol Snapp Blended Families Ministry Marriage Counseling
Dr. Hal Sacks Bridge Builders Ministry Prayer and Intercession
Dr. H. Norman Wright Dr. H. Norman Wright Ministry Marriage and Family Counseling
Dr. Lance Wallnau Lance Learning Institute 7 Mountains of Influence
Dr. Ardith Williams International Bible Institute [IBI©] Bible Studies
Dr. David Yarnes Morning Star Ministries Prosperity Matrix
Dr. Kevin Zadai Heavenly Visitation-Warrior Notes Bringing Heaven to Earth

Degrees at a fraction of the traditional cost

Our goal is to reclaim educational prerogatives, biblical methods, standards and measures. Courses are predominantly taught using our Alumnus Professors, online classes, and independent study. This process provides students with the greatest amount of savings, so they can earn a degree at a fraction of the traditional cost.

We are committed to responding to the need for lifelong learning opportunities by providing a full range of educational services adapted to the needs of ministers, business and church leaders. To accomplish this goal, the University recognizes transfer credits and awards credit for documented experiential learning, which is defined as college-level learning that takes place outside a college or university setting.

We are looking forward to helping your achieve your educational and degree goals.