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Dr. John Corella

Government and Business Theology

Dr. John Corella

Dr. John Corella, is a 2017 Graduate; and serves as the Vice President and COO of Primus University of Theology. He is now teaching on Government and Business Theology.

Dr. Corella is Primus Professor on Government Business Theology. He is a Phoenix entrepreneur, the founder of Corella Companies and Corella Electric Wire and Cable, he is one of the all-time great success stories in minority business development.

Dr. Corella has incorporated his experience working with Government contracting, teaming and business development, to provide this state-of-the-art course; sharing his insights, experience and business success strategies with Primus Students. The Government Business Theology course incorporates Christian ethics and biblical strategies to produce successful, faith filled business executives.

Class Description and Objectives

Information will be posted here when available.