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Dr. Ed Delph

Church Leadership Development

Dr. Ed Delph

Dr. Delph, challenges conventionalism and the status quo on the way churches relate to the community at large. Instead of disengaging itself from the community, the church is called to work together with business, government, education, media, arts and entertainment in community issues. You will learn how these entities were created to complete one another, not compete with one another. In his book Church@Community, you will learn that Community transformation and uplift is a real possibility when these entities work together.

Dr. Ed Delph has been a pastor at three different churches since 1980 in the Phoenix, Arizona area. He is a noted author of ten books, weekly columnist in several newspapers worldwide, teacher, business owner and speaker having presented or been in more than one hundred countries. Currently, He is president of a worldwide ministry, Nationstrategy, a nonprofit organization. Nationstrategy is a resource ministry for both church and community leaders involved in community and societal transformation and upliftment.


Ministry in the Marketplace


Class Description and Objectives

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