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Dr. Stephen Isaac ThD.

Hermeneutics/Biblical Interpretation

Dr. Stephen Isaac ThD.

Dr. Isaac’s mission is to spend a lifetime fulfilling his call to serve. After humble beginnings in pastoral ministry, he spent nearly fifteen years pastoring in mega-church ministry and over six years as the Missionary Man, hosting Radio Hope’s nationally syndicated late night radio program.

In May of 1999, he and a group of friends formed a small community of believers simply known as Reunion. Over twenty years later, Reunion is now a flourishing community called to love God, teach His truth, and care for one another in fellowship, communion, and prayer.

As the founding pastor for this vibrant faith community, Dr. Isaac continues to learn and pursue his calling as a pastor, author, professor, and mentor. Training and equipping new leaders with a desire and love for knowing foundational truths of God’s Word, a passion for Church history, and the need for sound Biblical hermeneutics and righteous process for interpreting Scripture.

Class Description and Objectives

Biblical Hermeneu.cs [500/600]

Understanding the intended context of the past to reveal a righteous context for the future.
[1] Semester/Spring 2023
Weekly Video Lecture (Individual Download) Weekly Group Forum (Zoom) 6:30pm MST

The purpose of this course is to inspire the genuine passion and pursuit of rightly interpreSng Biblical truth for the sole interest of determining a righteous context for present day use. Biblical HermeneuScs will greatly assist the experienced ChrisSan leader, teacher and pastor in the conscious pursuit of a more accurate Biblical interpretaSon and contextual fidelity to the Word of truth.

Course Aims

The goal of any Biblical or evangelical hermeneuScs is basic - discovering the intended meaning of the Holy Spirit inspired author. To that process this course seeks to provide the student with an academic and scholarly plaaorm for the interpretaSon and context of Biblical text. This skillful approach to Scripture helps consStute the piaalls of personal interpretaSon that oben lead to misinterpretaSon and inaccuracies (intenSonal and non-intenSonal). As a ChrisSan leader and communicator of Biblical truth the veracity and accuracy of ones understanding and interpretaSon is criScal. This course equips the student seeking that high level of integrity and discipline.

Specific Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will:

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